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Cave Troll
Posted By Scott at 6/22/2010 8:46 PM

After reading Sean Gordon Murphy's journal entry over at deviantArt, this was the first picture that came to mind. The biggest thing I've struggled with, and something I think all artists do, is not getting the pictures I see in my head out on paper. The visual shorthand seems to be then to try and emulate another style (in an effort to at least get some sort of analog to what you're picturing). Lord knows I've done my fair share of riffing on other artists.

I think I am entirely guilty of trying to smash myself into some sort of house style, with middling success. In the past few years, I have felt more confident in my art, but I think I still get very complacent and not willing to try new things. This can make things pretty stale. Going forward, I think I just have to draw the creatures out of my head. Hopefully everything else will fall into place. If not? Well, simply drawing really should be the point anyhow...


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