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Ram's Head
Posted By Scott Hallett at 8/28/2017 10:02 AM

This was an element to a larger design, but I was particularly proud of how this turned out by itself.

Done 100% in Photoshop.

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Some Recent Ink Work
Posted By Scott Hallett at 3/16/2017 5:13 PM

One downside to working on paid illustrations is not being able to show the work you've done, and I suppose not having the time to do more personal work. So then the blog suffers a bit because I'm posting less and less here even though I'm still busy drawing.

At any rate, I finally got around to scanning some better resolution versions of illustrations that have made it onto instagram or my twitter. Feel free to hit me up there if you want!

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Destiny - Rise of Iron
Posted By Scott Hallett at 8/29/2016 12:06 PM

This piece was originally done for a cover contest for a magazine with an issue focused on the video game Destiny. I actually misread the deadline so I wasn't able to submit, but the point really was to focus on art again, and to celebrate a game I've spent quite a lot of time enjoying. Destiny is a great mix of FPS and MMO, without the big time commitments that other MMOs can have. It's also a game that's built up a fantastic community, who some members of which raised over half a million dollars for charity by streaming the game recently.

I was particularly proud of this piece; a good chunk of what I wanted to accomplish appeared on the page which is not always the case. I sometimes find myself just hoping for 'happy accidents' and not sticking to the script. That can sometimes result in great pieces, but not always push you to do more interesting things or to stick to your guns when it comes to the vision you had for something. As always, feedback is welcome.

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Tree Wolf
Posted By Scott Hallett at 6/03/2016 4:45 PM

Here's some more Copic marker work. I'm fairly confident in getting the grayscale marker work to translate in a scan, but it gets a bit muddle trying to bring the blues in. This particular color is very close to non-repo blue though, so perhaps that's the issue. At any rate, I'm really enjoying working with markers and hope to find a way to incorporate this with my Photoshop work more.

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Forest Demon
Posted By Scott Hallett at 5/15/2016 11:17 AM

I believe I may have posted this elsewhere, but not in a proper scan and not here on the blog. Some more Copic marker work. I enjoy the depth markers can give an ink drawing without having to go to a full blown rendering in Photoshop. There is something to be said for the subtlety of traditional media. I have some more of these to post up, and some more ideas on the way. Enjoy!

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Posted By Scott Hallett at 5/02/2016 11:59 AM

I had originally done this for a friend as a birthday present. He's a bid birder and this was one of his favourite birds. He got the original but not before I'd scanned it in. I've never really had much luck prior to this scanning markers but I found a great tutorial on how to clean up marker work for scanning.

I really need to do more to get artwork back up on the site more frequently. I have been having a killer creative block lately, and what work I have done can't be shared publicly at the moment. It's been a long time since I've drawn just for myself. I will be uploading some other marker work I've done shortly though, so there's that. Baby steps I suppose.

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Still Breathing
Posted By Scott Hallett at 2/22/2016 4:51 PM

Just a quick note to let everyone know life's thrown a few ringers my way over the past year, and while things are coming around and returning to normal my art output has not. I really hope to fix that soon, but I can't really promise anything at the moment. I hate the idea of this website sitting dormant for so long but that's been my reality. I have a few pieces I've completed, but haven't really even had the spare time to get them scanned and uploaded. I need to find a way to make all that a priority again, and hope to have more information soon.

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