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Green Goblin
Posted By Scott at 12/19/2023 8:30 PM

The consummate villain, Green Goblin! This is another character who I’ve always felt either works incredibly well, or can be overwrought and silly.

For the artwork, I wanted to play up the horror elements of an unhinged, costumed villain. Went with an up close perspective, lots of dramatic lighting and maniacal laughter. As this project stemmed from a daily drawing challenge in October, Green Goblin appears on Halloween, so the pumpkin bomb had to make an appearance.

This one had to go out with a bang, pun intended, so it is a real combination of all the other elements I’d used in different variations throughout the other pieces. I really liked how this turned out, and really enjoyed capping things off with this piece. Dramatic, dimly lit pieces have always been my favourite and I hope that shines through in this one.

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Posted By Scott at 12/18/2023 7:30 PM

The man himself, and arguably Ditko’s most recognizable character. I know Spider-man has consistently been one of my favourite characters and has historically had one of the most excellent rogues gallery, with a lot of recognizable villains.

For the artwork, I wanted to pay homage to another classic Spider-man moment, the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #33, “The Final Chapter!”. I have always gotten a kick out of drenching a piece in details while still maintaining the narrative, which I hope to have accomplished here.

Colouring this piece was a lot of fun but also quite a bit of a challenge. I needed to ensure I didn’t over work everything with so many little details in play, but also wanted to push the depth so the piece made sense. Really tried to limit this to just a shading layer, with variations of flat colours doing most of the heavy lifting on the water elements and in separating the different planes in the background.

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Posted By Scott at 12/17/2023 8:00 PM

I absolutely loved the galactic characters in the Marvel roster as a kid, particularly Silver Surfer. Characters like Galactus and Eternity always struck a chord with me so getting to draw this one was a lot of fun. In particular, I got a lot of positive feedback about this one which was really encouraging.

Art wise the character does all the work and really the only thought I had to keep in mind was striking a good balance of universal elements and negative space.

From a colour perspective, this one did all the work for me. All I had to do was ensure I wasn’t clashing elements together, that each individual piece was readable, and that the colours all popped. I include some straight forward shading for depth, and not much else was necessary. Sometimes with a piece with a lot of elements, less is more when it comes to colour.

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Posted By Scott at 12/16/2023 7:00 PM

I always got a kick out of this costume as a kid. Revisiting it as an adult and while nostalgic, it is an interesting look to say the least. I just went completely overboard on the electrical current on this one. The electricity based villains have always been relegated to the sidelines, but I have to imagine in the right hands that power could be very dangerous. I wanted to channel some of that here and create the idea that nothing surrounding someone like Electro would be safe.

This colour scheme surprised me, but when it was done I couldn’t argue with the results. I had no intention of leaning into this pale lime green, but in my opinion it worked well to bring the yellow and green of Electro’s costume together. Very basic shading and colour holds here. For a this piece, and a few others, I actually just doubled the colour layer, set the new layer as a multiply layer, and used a mask to bring the highlights forward. Previously I’d always selected highlight colours, or shadow colours, then had to add colour adjustments to bring them together. As I’d worked through these, I started to find ways to get good results quicker.

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Doctor Octopus
Posted By Scott at 12/15/2023 8:30 PM

Doctor Octopus has always been a favourite Spider-man villain, and this is hands down my favourite of the group. I had the idea of casting Doctor Octopus as a disenfranchised genius, radicalized online and using his intellect in a misguided attempt to right his perceived wrongs. I was rather proud of how this turned out, even just using simple, stark shading and some claustrophobic framing.

I had to keep the existing shadows in mind when colouring this, so not too many colouring tricks here. Just some choice colour adjustments in the pink glow, some blurred effects on the light sources, and the digital blocks in the background. I pictured him either in his own lair or having broken into some high tech lab, about to become one step closer to world domination.

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Squirrel Girl
Posted By Scott at 12/14/2023 8:30 PM

This is not a character I spent any real time reading in the comics, although I was aware of the resurgence in popularity of the character with the more recent series and all of the fan art that came out of it.

I got a kick out of putting Squirrel Girl in a tree. I have to admit, I didn’t put much more thought into it than that. I gave her a sort of confused look just to say “I’m a girl... whose also a squirrel”.

I leaned heavy into the autumn feel of Squirrel Girl’s colour scheme and just made this a fall themed colour palette. Kept things very minimal with basic shades, some colour holds for background branches, and a blotchy brush for clouds in the background. Actually really liked how this turned out and decided not to add anything further as not to overwork it.

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The Question
Posted By Scott at 12/13/2023 7:30 PM

Another character I came to late, I believe around the time the mantle was being picked up by Renee Montoya, although I knew of them from the pretty stark, faceless design.

I wanted to play with the typical “The Question appears from a cloud of smoke!” elements often seen in the comics. I added the smoke trailing off into a question mark as a nod to the character’s name and mystique.
I just love smoke elements. I love adding the colour and subtlety, adding the colour holds and grit, and just how they add to a picture. Nothing too drastic on this picture. I’d already added pretty defined shading at the inking stage so I just extended on that a bit and focused on adding some depth to the whole piece.

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