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Spider-Man, Spider-Man...
Posted By Scott at 8/12/2009 9:40 PM

...does whatever a spider can! Not my usual thing, but a fun departure. Broke out some of the stronger crayons in the color palette as well for this one. Just trying new things all around. This was for Drawer Geeks.

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Design a Deity - Akamushi
Posted By Scott at 7:38 AM

This is a character design I did for the "Design A Deity" blog. The idea is to throw a bunch of deities at each other, and see who would be left standing. Mine is named Akamushi, which means blood worm in Japanese. Here's my description:
"My Deity Akamushi is the best because for decades, he's been enslaving a vast army under the guise of the two-tailed mermaid. Soon, he will wash a flood across the lands; a tidal wave of those coffee-conquered souls, all willing to destroy anything in their path, all in his name."
There's some great talents with more deities on the way, so check it out!

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