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Doctor Octopus
Posted By Scott at 12/15/2023 8:30 PM

Doctor Octopus has always been a favourite Spider-man villain, and this is hands down my favourite of the group. I had the idea of casting Doctor Octopus as a disenfranchised genius, radicalized online and using his intellect in a misguided attempt to right his perceived wrongs. I was rather proud of how this turned out, even just using simple, stark shading and some claustrophobic framing.

I had to keep the existing shadows in mind when colouring this, so not too many colouring tricks here. Just some choice colour adjustments in the pink glow, some blurred effects on the light sources, and the digital blocks in the background. I pictured him either in his own lair or having broken into some high tech lab, about to become one step closer to world domination.

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