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Posted By Scott at 12/01/2023 9:06 PM

I feel like this character has always been a bit of a punchline, and while I was not reading comics at the time the Penance storyline came to be, I’m not sure if he’s ever been redeemed. I think a lot of these characters that were introduced as light hearted comic foils sort of lost their place in the grittier tones of the 90’s and even into the realism/movie tie-ins of the 2000’s. That being said, I did collect New Warriors for a time as a kid and recall Speedball fondly from that group setting.

For the artwork, I just wanted to show some of the dynamics of the character zipping into the panel.

I feel like the colour scheme of the character itself was pretty bold so I just stuck with that, along with some minimal lighting and colour holds. I chose a subdued background colour to let the costume colours pop a bit.

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