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Blue Beetle
Posted By Scott at 11/16/2023 8:00 PM

Out of all of the art I created for this challenge, thirty one pieces in total, this was the only one I finished, mulled over for a day and redrew. My original was just not dynamic, had pretty glaring anatomy issues and just did not match the quality I was hoping to achieve.

I’ve had a bad habit in the past of of sort of crossing my fingers and hoping that colours would fix issues in a drawing but they almost always result in me overworking a piece, second guessing, and still not hiding glaring anatomy issues.

There are some colour pieces I am very proud of later in the series, but I will always consider this one of my favourites. Very minimal shading and colour holds with no gradient, screen or blurred tricks. Just a man, a plan and a busted up robot. The one colour hold I really enjoyed was borrowing from earlier pieces and taking parts of the panel out to extend the background colour. I feel like it really added a little something extra and made the picture just a little bit more dynamic.

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