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Aunt May
Posted By Scott at 11/11/2023 5:42 PM

I really struggled with this one. Aunt May is iconic, arguably the most recognizable Spider-man character next to Spider-man himself. She’s been represented in every iteration of the character, across the various books, shows and movies. I drew on some influences from some of the animated shows rather than the comics or movies, simply because I’ve been drawn to the style of animation more so than anything else when it comes to art. I played on the classic plot point of Peter trying not to get caught being Spider-man.

Don’t ask me why I went with pea green for a colour scheme, but I think it worked. I regretted the giant question mark a bit after drawing it, and while I could have redrawn it (or taken it out) I decided to just embrace it. I brought it out more in the colours to highlight some of the cartoon aspects of this drawing. I really liked the backlighting coming from the window on this. It’s a little trick I picked up years ago, and try to use it sparingly so it’s not a gimmick.

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