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J. Jonah Jameson
Posted By Scott at 11/09/2023 8:01 PM

I have to be honest this is a character that I’ve never understood and always seemed a little silly to me. He sort of sits outside of the reality of the world he exists in; he sees a villain in Spider-man when no one else in that universe does. Sure he’s got his rogues gallery, but the villains in Spidey’s life are there because they’re afraid he’ll thwart them. J. Jonah Jameson thinks the man saving the city each day is the bad guy. It’s all a bit odd.

One goal I landed on pretty early in this process was keeping things light and not overwrought. Some basic shadows, perhaps some elements like splatter or a gradient but nothing too over the top. I think those principles came through pretty well on this one. It’s meant to convey the rage Jonah feels at the thought of Spider-man; that he’s really caught in that web of hate.

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