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Classic Video Games!
Posted By Scott at 1/16/2009 3:24 PM

The topic this week at Drawer Geeks was "Classic Video Games", or anything that came out before 1985. I actually did 3 pictures for this one (one isn't scanned, and I'm not too happy with it). There was a big break over the holidays so I sort of chipped away at it here and there. I have always been a big video game fan, ever since I first played Super Mario Bros. on display at a K-Mart when it first came out.

First up is a re-design for Mario from Super Mario Bros. Sort of a grounded in reality, practical design. Not 100% sold on this one, but a good learning experience.

Next is just sort of an homage to the NES in general. I wanted to put a positive spin on the act of blowing dust out of the NES cartridges every kid who had one is probably more than familiar with.

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New Year, New Site Design, Etc. & So On & So Forth
Posted By Scott at 1/13/2009 2:28 PM

I've just recently seen proofs for the letters of a short story I wrote and drew, coming out in an anthology from a publisher I totally geeked out to as a teenager. I've also recently finished colors on a two page spread I think is the best work I've done up to this point, for a graphic novel I'm working on, with a writer whose work I admired long before getting the opportunity to work with him.

I love comics.

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