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Some Traditional Ink Work
Posted By Scott at 11/27/2009 8:04 AM

Here's some more recent ink work I've been doing in the spare moments on my lunch hour. The first is a failed attempt at a design for a longer story I had planned for Popgun a while back. Never came to be, and may end up finishing it someday.

The second one is a small character that fits into a world I had always pictured as a graphic novel, but there's holes in the premise I've yet to be able to adequately fill, so it's always been on the back burner.

The final one is a character who fits into a story that's almost fully fleshed out in my mind. I'd love to tackle it after my current obligations are complete, but we'll see where things are then.

I had planned out a tutorial on preparing line work for coloring in Photoshop (at least the method I use), but I'm afraid I just don't have the time to give it the proper attention at the moment. It's on my "to do" list though.

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