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New Storefront Open at society6.com
Posted By Scott at 9/08/2014 5:18 PM

I've decided to try my hand at selling some art prints of some of the work I've either had positive responses to, or that I personally enjoy. Rather than incur the up front cost of prints and shipping however, I've opted to open up shop over at society6.com. I've started with art prints and a few select phone cases for now. Somehow I don't see some of my art as being "mug worthy", but let me know if you'd like some art on something other than what's on offer. I've ordered a print myself to be able to better speak to the experience. I found the marketplace itself to be straight forward, and will update on any feedback that may come from the shipping and product itself. I've seen society6.com used quite a bit by other artists, so I'm hoping for good things.

The artwork I've included is all featured in my gallery, as well as below. I tried to purposely include only original characters that I own, or characters that aren't copyrighted. I believe the characters in the "Video Game" piece are characterized enough to be a bit universal, but will pull it down if that's not the case. As always, feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

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