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The Tree Spirit (Inks)
Posted By Scott at 7/21/2010 7:42 AM

This picture has been a bit of a personal failure of mine. It has sat dormant on my drafting table for far longer than I'd care to admit. The problem I believe is that it represents the truest example of the style I've always strived to achieve, and completing it was downright intimidating.

The pencils for this picture I've posted here before, and while I did enjoy those, I always intended this piece to be inked. Another challenge with this was that it was the first picture I tried inking with a light table. I chose all the wrong paper, so that seeing the underlying pencil was a muddied mess. There was a lot of flipping back to the original pencil to see just what I was trying to ink.

All of that aside, I've walked away from this picture with quite a few lessons learned, and hope to stay prolific in the coming months. Next on my plate will be coloring this piece, and cursing out each and every little twig and branch along the way. Enjoy!

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