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What Could Have Been
Posted By Scott at 10/23/2011 7:40 AM

My apologies for not posting sooner, but October has gotten away from me. I started out the month with the intention of participating in Jake Parker's great Inktober this year. Unfortunately, I think what I was doing was hacking together a stream of consciousness story that was ultimately doomed to fail as a whole. I was also cannibalizing one of my other ideas that would probably come out much better given a bit more attention. If you're interested you can take a peek at my first three pages here, here and here.

Sometimes it amazes me to think of some of the projects that could have been, but for whatever reason fell apart. Now I've consciously walked away from a few myself for various reasons, but so many others, be they graphic novels, anthologies, short stories, have fallen by the wayside of their own accord. Getting more than one creative type to agree on something can be a chore in itself, so getting anthologies off the ground must be a daunting task.

Digging through my own graveyard of half starts and ideas, I've come across quite a few short story ideas that almost were. There's some here I'm almost positive I'll get to one day. Then there's this little guy below. This originally came about for a kid's anthology by a few of the guys involved in Popgun. I can't recall the exact reason it never got off the ground, but there you have it. His name is Johnny Arcade. He's always in the back of my mind, and I'm sure one day I'll get his story down. My apologies if I've posted this in the past, it just sort of stood out to me.

Another project that I was asked to pitch, but didn't get off the ground. I won't say too much more (I think you can figure it out)...

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