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Posted By Scott at 8/02/2012 1:12 PM

This was an image I drew quite a while back now, but for lack of new content I decided to dig into the reserves and add some color to some inks I was always fond of. This was originally done for the topic "Troll" over at Drawer Geeks (man I miss that site).

For me this was the first ink drawing that approached the same sort of things I was comfortable doing digitally (without the "Undo" button). You can see my original ink post here. I had originally intended to finish colors for this and submit that to Drawer Geeks, but couldn't quite line up something compelling. It wasn't until I sat down to color it now that I realized I wanted it to be moody, but was giving it a dusk color scheme. Not to say dusk can't be moody, it just wasn't the right fit. At any rate, please enjoy, and let me know what you think as always.

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