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Nautical Disaster (Colour)
Posted By Scott at 9/10/2007 4:17 PM

Here's a little colour experiment on this one. Just trying to get a little more prolific in my coloring techniques. Trying not to be such a perfectionist. Comments welcome!

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Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 2:22 PM 
I dig the geometric treatment. You're evoking a bit of Mignola on this one. (Which is a very nice thing.)

Posted By Blogger Scott, at 10:06 PM 
Thanks Steve! I think I was trying to channel a bit of Guy Davis, but they're in the same boat ;) Mignola makes all of that looks so easy, but I've applied the same ideas in the past to disastrous effect.

Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 8:57 AM 
Yeah, Mike makes it look easy, that's for sure. Guess that's what makes him a great artist. Bleah.

Well, here's to making it look easy.

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