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Fablewood Update
Posted By Scott at 11/05/2007 4:52 PM

Just thought I'd post a few Fablewood related news items. The media ball has started to roll, and so far things seem to be pretty positive. I've got another interview in the hopper, so I'll post that soon.

First off, you can check out the Fablewood trailer at:

There's also a review over at Fantasy Book Spot.

Interviews with the following Fablewood creators:

Scott Hallett (Me): Jazma Online
William Ward: Wednesday is My Sabbath, Jazma Online, Newseed Comics
Joe Infurnari: Jazma Online
JP Ahonen: Jazma Online
Joe Suitor: Jazma Online
Jonathon Dalton: Jazma Online
Axel Medellin Machain: Jazma Online

Remember to order your copy (NOV07 3306)!

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