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Posted By Scott at 3/13/2009 10:31 AM

Alright, now that I've got some life changes tidied up, I'm back in the game! I've been working away on "Don't Get Sucked Under the Escalator", and I think I just drew the best page I've ever done. Hopefully I'll keep saying that as the pages keep coming. Unfortunately, that's going to be a ways off until anyone can see that book in finished format.

So what can you take a gander at? How about Popgun Volume 3? That's right, I have a short story in Popgun! It's a small one titled "The Last Voyage", and lettered by the always awesome Thomas Mauer.

I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say it plants some seeds. Here's the cover (by Tara McPherson, who I've always enjoyed):
Here's the absolutely staggering in a "How the hell did I end up a part of all this awesome" sort of way, list of creators:

Alison Acton
Joshua Agerstrand
Laura Allred
Anjin Anhut
Kris Anka
Amanda Becker
Peter Bergting
Patricio Betteo
Danilo Beyruth
Sam Bosma
Dan Brereton
Olaf Brill
Dennis Brown
Antonio Campo
Dominique Carrier
Jim Charalampidis
Bobby Clark
Ryan Cody
Dave Collinson
Dave Curd
Mike Dawson
Ben DeRosa
Michael Dialynas
Juan Doe
Becky Dreistadt
Nathan Edmondson
Ulises Farinas
Ray Fawkes
Gary Fields
Frank Gibson
Vassilis Gogtzilas
Zac Gorman
George Gousis
Paul Grist
Scott Hallett
Jason Hanley
David Hopkins
Jason Ibarra
Joƫlle Jones
Janet Kim
D.J. Kirkbride
Nic Klein
Adam P. Knave
Peter Krause
Edward Kwong
Erik Larsen
Robbie Lawrence
Johann "Ullcer" Leroux
Maximo V. Lorenzo
Thomas Mauer
Derek McCulloch
Sam McKenzie
Tara McPherson
Alberto Mielgo
Robb Mommaerts
Paul Montgomery
Chris Moreno
Matt Moylan
Ralph Niese
Anthony Nixon
Josh Parpan
Jeff Powell
Isam Prado
Justin Randall
Stephen Reedy
Jamie S. Rich
Rachelle Rosenberg
David Rubin
Matteo Scalera
Douglas E. Sherwood
Guillaume Singelin
Eric Skillman
Mark Andrew Smith
Eric Stephenson
Alisa Stern
Amy Stern
Chris Stevens
Frank Stockton
Andre Szymanowicz
Gregory Titus
Ron Turner
Christian Ward
Daniel Warner
Connor Willumsen
Brian Winkeler
Michael Woods
Derek Yu
K.I. Zachopoulos
Tonci Zonji
Jim Zubkavich

edited by

cover by

I've set up a new section on the website for comics. You can just click Comics at the top to get to it. I'll be posting to links to the books I've done, where you can get them, and any other information I can scrape together. I may also look into getting some other cool things in this section.

Finally, while we're on the topic of comics, do yourself a favor and check out Mark Andrew Smith (also writing "Don't Get Sucked Under the Escalator") and Matthew Weldon's New Brighton Archeological Society.

It's a kids graphic novel, and it's exquisitely done. The story is full of adventure, and the art is phenomenal. It never once talks down to the audience, which I think is the way to go for kids comics, making them open to all audiences. A great book, and well worth your time.

Alright, I think that should about do it for comics. For now...

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