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Posted By Scott at 12/16/2023 7:00 PM

I always got a kick out of this costume as a kid. Revisiting it as an adult and while nostalgic, it is an interesting look to say the least. I just went completely overboard on the electrical current on this one. The electricity based villains have always been relegated to the sidelines, but I have to imagine in the right hands that power could be very dangerous. I wanted to channel some of that here and create the idea that nothing surrounding someone like Electro would be safe.

This colour scheme surprised me, but when it was done I couldn’t argue with the results. I had no intention of leaning into this pale lime green, but in my opinion it worked well to bring the yellow and green of Electro’s costume together. Very basic shading and colour holds here. For a this piece, and a few others, I actually just doubled the colour layer, set the new layer as a multiply layer, and used a mask to bring the highlights forward. Previously I’d always selected highlight colours, or shadow colours, then had to add colour adjustments to bring them together. As I’d worked through these, I started to find ways to get good results quicker.

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