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Posted By Scott at 12/18/2023 7:30 PM

The man himself, and arguably Ditko’s most recognizable character. I know Spider-man has consistently been one of my favourite characters and has historically had one of the most excellent rogues gallery, with a lot of recognizable villains.

For the artwork, I wanted to pay homage to another classic Spider-man moment, the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #33, “The Final Chapter!”. I have always gotten a kick out of drenching a piece in details while still maintaining the narrative, which I hope to have accomplished here.

Colouring this piece was a lot of fun but also quite a bit of a challenge. I needed to ensure I didn’t over work everything with so many little details in play, but also wanted to push the depth so the piece made sense. Really tried to limit this to just a shading layer, with variations of flat colours doing most of the heavy lifting on the water elements and in separating the different planes in the background.

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