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Ghost in the Forest Sequentials
Posted By Scott at 6/01/2007 7:45 AM

I've been plodding away at writing a short story using the themes I've laid out here. I've been moving at a pretty steady clip, but thought I'd share some panels from some of the pages I've inked (no colour yet). Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

And another one:

And one more:

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Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 9:23 PM 
Looks really good... that last one's a little hard on the eyes because I was trying to focus in on those see-through guys.

Posted By Blogger Scott, at 9:18 AM 
Thanks! Hopefully that will work itself out when the pages are colored.

Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 2:47 PM 
These are really just so nice. It's your best work, Scott. Not to put any of your other stuff down, but that's my take.

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