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Lady of the Marsh
Posted By Scott at 8/11/2007 1:58 PM

Just trying to switch things up a little bit and try a little something new. Not a dramatic stretch, but the content and methods are new for me. I wanted to invoke some of the elements that make Japanese horror comics so appealing (and terrifying). Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

On another note I've got a pretty exciting announcement that I can't make just yet, but hopefully soon. Stay tuned.

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Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 10:34 PM 
Wow, Scott. That's so different for you. Part Japanese comic, part Grudge. Freaky stuff and I love the waterline separating the two bits of the drawing.

Nice work on the bubbles, too...

Posted By Blogger Scott, at 8:21 PM 
Thanks Steve. I wouldn't want to do this type of thing consistently (stylistically or content-wise), but I don't want to box myself in either. Thanks for looking!

Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 1:47 PM 
What are you working on now? More sequentials?

Posted By Blogger Scott, at 2:30 PM 
Well, I've got a few ideas brewing but I've been pretty busy with life and the day job. Probably going to shoot for another short story next.

Posted By Blogger Unknown, at 8:12 AM 
simply beautiful!

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