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Squirrel Girl
Posted By Scott at 12/14/2023 8:30 PM

This is not a character I spent any real time reading in the comics, although I was aware of the resurgence in popularity of the character with the more recent series and all of the fan art that came out of it.

I got a kick out of putting Squirrel Girl in a tree. I have to admit, I didn’t put much more thought into it than that. I gave her a sort of confused look just to say “I’m a girl... whose also a squirrel”.

I leaned heavy into the autumn feel of Squirrel Girl’s colour scheme and just made this a fall themed colour palette. Kept things very minimal with basic shades, some colour holds for background branches, and a blotchy brush for clouds in the background. Actually really liked how this turned out and decided not to add anything further as not to overwork it.

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