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The Lizard
Posted By Scott at 11/19/2023 8:03 PM

This has always been one of my favourite Spider-man villains. A very Jekyll & Hyde story stemming from Curtis Connor’s good intentions, coupled with the raw, primeval power of the persona of the Lizard leads to a great dynamic that adds depth to a villain on paper that could just be a two dimensional bad guy for Spider-man to knock around. No real tricks on the drawing itself. I just wanted to draw Lizard in a stalking, threatening way; ready to pounce when something comes into view.

This is a fun little trick I’ve used in the past (and in a few pieces in this project) where I apply an opaque gradient on a soft light layer. It normalizes the colours in the gradient a bit, and can be used to create a light source, or in this case, a foreboding red overtone suggesting something bad is about to go down.

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